Jim Malone : Chair, Dundee CLP

Dundee CLP to campaign against closure of RBS Stobswell branch


1 December 2017

Dundee Labour CLP are appalled at the decision to close the Stobswell branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

This branch not only serves constituents in the Maryfield and Stobswell area but from all around the North East of the city.

The branch is located in an important commercial hub with SMA's depending on the branch for business use, and it is used by many elderly customers with post office, health centre, dentists, pubs and shopping all providing a community spirit.

This decision must be reconsidered with politicians in every branch of the legislature ensuring vital community banking services are retained in Stobswell.

RBS is 72% state-owned and pays its executives millions every year.

These same executives must be brought before parliamentary committees in Westminster and Holyrood and asked to explain their decision-making priorities - people before profits ?

No, their remit, no doubt from the UK government, is to slimline the customer service side to allow a profitable sale of the said 72% stake to the very same institutions that laid waste to our communities in the economic crash.

Dundee Labour CLP will campaign with the community for the retention of this branch and the affected workers' jobs.

Jim Malone


Dundee CLP

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